LG Two Indoor Distributor PMBD3620

Product code: [PMBD3620]

238,00 EUR VAT included
Warranty 2 years

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Features :

  • Distribution of refrigerant to various indoor units
  • Consists of LEVs inside it
  • Controlling PCB inside the unit
  • Internally insulated (prevents any chances of drainage)
  • Flare joints for easy and clean installation
  • Compact design (low height)
  • Flexible installation
Brand LG
Product code PMBD3620
Type Distributor
Power Class 36000
Power Input:
Cooling 10 W
Running Current:
Cooling 0.05 A
Energy Features:
Cooling Power Class A
Power Supply Single-phase
Compresor Type classic
Refrigerant Charge:
Type R410A
Outdoor 302x143x252 mm
Net Weight:
Outdoor 4.8 kg
Indoor Unit Connectable:
Number of Indoor Units 1~2 buc
Capacity 7000-24000 Btu/h
Piping connection for Indoor Unit:
Liquid 9.52(3/8) mm (inch)
Gas 19.05(3/4) mm (inch)
Piping connection for Outdoor Unit:
Liquid 6.35(1/4)*2EA mm (inch)
Gas 9.52(3/8)*2EA mm (inch)
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