LG LG Therma V HA061M.E1 Electrical Back-Up Heater 3kW+3kW

Product code: [HA061M.E1]

753,00 EUR VAT included
Warranty 2 years

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The LG range of Therma V air to water heat pumps offer a very cost effective way of providing heating to new build and retrofit applications with COP values up to 4.20. Therma V uses free energy in air, and adopts the inverter technology. So, it is far more fuel-efficient compared to other heating devices and, thus, is very economical.

The LG Therma V has been designed to save energy, provide the ideal comfort, is easy to operate, and comes equipped with advanced technologies. LG inverter technology provides excellent energy efficiency with optimal components such as A Class water pump, heat exchanger, and fan motor. Pressure control technology provides stable heating capacity at low temperatures, and reaches target performance without difficulties. LG's full line-up from 5kW to 16kW in heating capacity.

Therma V Selection Programme LATS THERMA V simulates quick and easy results for THERMA V's economic benefits. By specifying a number of parameters, this intuitive program shows annual energy cost compared with conventional heating system and CO2 annual amount, monthly energy amount and cost, total amount of thermal energy in kWh as the outside temperature.

Brand LG
Product code HA061M.E1
Backup Heater:
Type Sheath
Number of Heating Coil 2 EA
Capacity Combination 3.0 + 3.0 kW
Operation Automatic
Steps 2 Step
Power Supply 220-240 / 1 / 50 V / Ø / Hz
Wiring Connections:
Maximum Current 24.0 A
Power Cable (H07RN-F) 3 x 4.0 No. x mm2
Communication Cable (H07RN-F) 4 x 0.75 No. x mm2
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