LG LG Indoor Unit MB09AHL Duct Type

Product code: [MB09AHL]

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Warranty 2 years

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  • Zone Control (optional)
    This feature can be used to air conditioning units controllers work in four areas within, where there is a separate thermostat and damper with actuator.
  • Group Control
    When connected they have more units can be controlled by one remote. With a remote control can control up to 16 indoor units.

    Wired remote
    (optional wireless remote)
    Test RUN MODE.
    The choice of fan speed (3 speed).
    Indicator of the current application.
    Room temperature display.
    Depth of only 20 mm.

  • Weekly program. If necessary you can program the device to go on certain times, for a week.
  • Function child lock.
  • Function auto restart: in cazul unei opriri accidentale a alimentarii cu curent electric, aparatul se seteaza automat la valorile anterioare.
  • Control with 2 sensors
    The controller analyzes the 2 temperature sensors, one in the room and one at the exit of the device, thus regulating the blowing air temperature for optimal temperature room.
Brand LG
Product code MB09AHL
Type Indoor unit
Power Class 9000
Cooling Capacity:
Standard 9000 Btu/h
Heating Capacity:
Standard 10000 Btu/h
Power Input:
Cooling 2640 W
Heating 2930 W
Energy Features:
Cooling Power Class A
Power Supply Single-phase
Compresor Type classic
Refrigerant Charge:
Type R410A
Air Flow Rate:
Indoor mc/min(CFM) 282/246/211
Dehumidification Rate 1.0 l/h
Sound Pressure Level:
Indoor (H/M/L/Sleep) 31/26/25 dB(A)
Indoor 820 x 190 x 575 mm
Net Weight:
Indoor 20.5 kg
Piping connection for Indoor Unit:
Liquid 6.35 mm (inch)
Gas 9.52 mm (inch)
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