LG LG Air Conditioning Libero-A D12AK 12000 Btu/h Inverter

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LG Air Conditioning Libero-A D12AK 12000 Btu/h Inverter
Brand LG
Model D12AK+S12AK
Type 12000
Cooling Capacity:
Minimum 3036 Btu/h
Standard 11942 Btu/h
Maxim 13784 Btu/h
Heating Capacity:
Minimum 3036 Btu/h
Standard 13648 Btu/h
Maxim 20472 Btu/h
Power Input:
Cooling 880 W
Heating 960 W
Running Current:
Cooling 6.0 A
Heating 7.0 A
Energy Features:
EER 3.98 W/W
SEER 6.1
COP 4.17 W/W
SCOP 4.0
Cooling Power Class A++
Heating Power Class A+
Power Supply Single-phase
Compresor Type inverter
Refrigerant Charge:
Type R410A
Air Flow Rate:
Indoor mc/min(CFM) 12
Outdoor mc/min(CFM) 33
Dehumidification Rate 1.3 l/h
Sound Pressure Level:
Indoor (H/M/L/Sleep) 39 / 33 / 23 / 19 dB(A)
Outdoor 45 dB(A)
Indoor 885 x 285 x 210 mm
Outdoor 770 x 545 x 288 mm
Net Weight:
Indoor 11 kg
Outdoor 32.3 kg
Product description
tehnologia inverter

Tehnologia DC Inverter

Inverter technology controls both the speed of the motor and the compressor simultaneously. By eliminating stop-start cycles, efficiency is significantly increased, extending the life of individual components.

Ultimately, with the help of such advencement technology, inverter air conditioners are less prone to breakdowns, cheaper to run, and the outdoor compressor is generally quieter than standard air conditioning units.

LG revolutionary Inverter technology boasts powerful yet silent performance while minimizing energy consumption by as much as 60%.

Energy Saving

Up to 66% in energy savings with LG's reliable DC Inverter Technologycomparatie inverter

To drastically reduce the damaging effects of global warming, heat pump products have been receiving a considerable amount of attention recently for their energy-saving effects.

In fact, inverter heat pump products have significantly higher energy efficiency than constant-speed, noninverter units. As a result, LG DC Inverter products can help you save up to 57% of the energy in cooling and 66% in heating operation.

Furthermore, by using an energy-efficient inverter product, you no longer have to worry about harmful CO2 emissions.

More Strong

Powerful BLDC Compressor

The LG inverter air conditioner comes with a BLDC compressor that uses a strong neodymium magnet. Its compressor thus has improved efficiency compared with AC inverter.

Enhanced maximum cooling and heating performance

LG's New DC Inverter has further enhanced the basic cooling and heating performance, eliminating your worries over the sizzling summer weather and the freezing winter weather. The cooling performance has improved by 15%, and the heating performance has been enhanced by 30%.

Supreme Energy Efficiency

The advanced inverter technology, high eficient heat exchanger together with improved compressor and inverter drive provide the highest level of energy eficiency.

Active Energy Control

Choose the energy consumption level you want at the push of a button.

1. How it works

If the Active Energy Control function button is pushed the maximum frequency (Hz) of motor will be limited to control energy consumption.

Normal Mode

100% cooling using 100% energy.

Step 1 (L)

Push 'ENERGY CONTR' button once for 86% of cooling using 75% energy. Limits the maximum frequency to 52Hz.

Step 2 (LL)

Push 'ENERGY CONTR' button twice for 79% cooling using 50% energy. Limits the maximum frequency to 39Hz.

2. How to Use

With Energy Control function, you can control energy consumption level depending on situation.

Normal Mode

Crowded and active inside

Step 1 (L)

Some people with not much action

Step 2 (LL)

Few people with not much action

BDLC Fan Motor

With strong torque and powerful ND magnetism inside the rotor, the BLDC motor provides large air volume and high static pressure.
Precise speed control provides 13 different steps which makes operation smoother. Both electrical and mechanical noise is more silent, and high speed operation is available.

LG Unique Skew Fan

By minimizing the surface pressure of the fan blade when in contact with the air, the peak noise is reduced to a level that is among the lowest in the world.

4-Way Swing

LG air conditioners deliver cool air to every corner of your room. The 4 way swing function blows the air quickly and efficiently in many direction.

6 Step Vertical Vane

Direction of horizontal vane can be adjusted from step 1 to step 6 with full auto swing. This function can cool specific areas much faster.

5 Step Horizontal Louvre

Direction of vertical louvre can be adjusted from step 1 to step 5, left and right, with full auto swing. This function also allows the air conditioner to cool specific areas in only a short period of time.

Over 2 million clusters of polarised ions provide 99% sterilisation for cleaner and safer air.

Ion Cluster Generation

(+)(-) Ion clusters are generated by polar bonding H2O molecules in the air.

Harmful Substance Surrounded

Ions surround harmful substances such as germs, bacteria, and viruses.

OH Radical Production

OH radical is produced through chemical reaction.

Chemical Reaction

OH radicals react with harmful substances.

Complete Sterilisation

Substances are transformed into H2O molecules and leaves the air fresh.

The interior of the air conditioner is maintained clean by drying off the heat exchanger, then sterilising the interior once more with nano plasma ions.

1. Interior of air conditioner dries out automatically after use.

2. Ion sterilisation function removes germs and mold.

Perfect Health Care

The filtration system of LG air conditioner is unique in design and certified of its functionality by world renowned institutes. It works as an invisible hand to provide the most clean and reliable air to the user.

3M Micro Protection Filter

Dual Protection Filter

3M Micro Protection Filter, high air flow filter with low noise, collects harmful microscopic substance including pollen and fine dust causing respiratory disease by strong electrostatic power on the surface of the filter.

1. Background

  • The number of deaths by harmful indoor micro particle is estimated 2,800,000. (WHO report, 2000)
    The kinds of harmful micro particles are virus, bacteria, smoke and fungi;
  • As the size of particle gets smaller, the opportunity to occur asthma and lung disease increases.

Indoor respiratory diseases and allergens

1. Dog hair (over 30μm).

Asthma, allergy

2. Flower Pollen (2 ~ 100μm)

Asthma, allergy, atopic dermatitis

3. Dead mite, Feces (5 ~ 20μm)

Asthma, allergy, atopic dermatitis

4. Fungi (3 ~ 30μm)

Bronchitis, asthma, allergy, atopic dermatitis

5. Bacteria (0.3 ~ 10μm)

Ear infection, strep throat, sinus infection, allergy

6. Car exhaust fumes (0.1 ~ 30μm)

Asthma, lung disease, respiratory disease

7. Smoke (0.1 ~ 1μm)

Lung disease, respiratory disease

Between 0.1μm and 3μm particles are invisible particles.

2. What is Protection Filter System?

The advanced 3M Micro Protection filter improves the efficiency and performance of the cyclotron plasma filter, which is a comprehensive filtration system in itself.

1. Dual Protection Filter

The first filter that captures dust size over 3μm and has anti-bacterial function.

2. 3M Micro Protection Filter

Harmful microscopic substances (0.3μm) collection by strong electrostatic power on the surface of the filter.

1. Dust is captured.

2. 3M Micro Protection filter captures the dust particles charged with negative ion.

3. Purified air.


Sleep Mode

With one touch of the Sleep mode button, it automatically programs the Air Conditioning Unit to turn off, controls the fan speed and adjusts the set temperature for a more comfortable sleep.

eficienta energetica mare lg

High Efficiency

LG Libero-A Inverter received A energy label (cooling/heating).

Low Noise Level

nivel de zgomot redus

The indoor unit has a quiet operational noise level in the sleep mode to offer you peace and quiet for the bedroom or office. For example, LG model D09AK, D12AK in sleep mode is only 19dB. In addition, the outdoor units have reduced vibration and noise thanks to a super quiet fan and motor.

Auto Clean

A main cause of air conditioner odors is mould and bacteria that breed in the heat exchanger. The Auto Clean function dries the wet heat exchanger to help prevent mould and bacteria from breeding thus significantly reducing the old rag smell and saves you from frequent cleaning.

autocuratare pas11st Step

Dries the evaporator with soft, low-noise wind and removes remaining moisture. Press "Auto Cleen" and the function starts after cooling operation.

autocuratare pas 22nd Step

Removes the source of mold once again with neo plasma plus system. In 30 minutes, "Auto Cleen" dries the inner part of air conditioners' indoor unit.

Jet Cool

lg jet cool

The Jet Cool function allows quick cooling. In the mode, strong, cool air is blown at high speed for 30 minutes, until the room temperature reaches 18 degrees Celsius.

Anti Corrosion Gold Fin

preotectie anticoroziva gold fin

LG's Gold Fin is an anti corrosion coating on the surface of the heat exchanger. This ensures that the surface is more resistant to corrosion and increases the durability to help the exchanger perform like new for a much longer period.

Auto Restart Function

In case of power failure, the return current, the device automatically restarts before setting up power.